CinDen Nutritionals Inc. is first and foremost a nutraceutical company that develops and markets pharmaceutical-grade and standardized nutrients. The long-term vision is to be a manufacturer of its own products. It is a Winnipeg-based private share company that was incorporated in 2016.

It is formed by a group of three partners - Dennis Wong, Cindy Yap Wong, and Norman Dupas, who shared a common vision and who each brought with them a wealth of unique skills, experiences, and contacts from across Canada and around the globe. As a group, they recognized that there was an unmet need to develop new nutritional products and assist nutritional companies in the marketing of their products in both Canada and in the international marketplace.

To achieve the Mission Statement, it was decided that the company would have to focus its efforts on developing and promoting only those products that were truly innovative and superior in their efficacy, convenience, and cost. CinDen Nutritionals is the direct result of that shared vision.